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Intellectual Property

The most important asset that many businesses possess today is intellectual property. Our intellectual property attorneys have experience analyzing, protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights, including determining whether certain intellectual property is protectable in the first instance, filing appropriate trademark and/or copyright registrations, and working to monitor and enforce already protected rights from unlawful infringement. Our clients are diverse, and include authors, publishing companies, musicians, entertainers, drag racing facilities, filmmakers and photographers, media companies software developers, designer, sports figures and real estate brokers. Our attorneys have experience:

  • Registering trademarks and copyrights and conducing necessary due diligence
  • Counseling clients as to portfolio management of intellectual property
  • Investigating data privacy breaches
  • Negotiating licensing, marketing and distribution agreements
  • Forming partnerships, joint ventures, and outsourcing arrangements for intellectual property ventures
  • Advising clients regarding entertainment rights, right of publicity and right of privacy issues
  • Developing online enforcement protocols, privacy policies, user and membership agreements

Intellectual Property Litigation

Our intellectual property litigators conduct litigation to enforce, defend and/or challenge trademarks, copyrights, false advertising, licensing, trade secrets and all forms of intellectual property rights. We develop and complement sound and effective strategies in connection with intellectual property disputes.

Recently, we successfully represented a closing manufacturer’s trademark infringement claim and in the process, further solidified our client’s trademark rights. We successfully represented a school in an action to protect its trademark, thereby requiring its competitor to cease using certain teaching material. We successfully negotiated an agreement allowing our client to register a trademark in the face of a challenge by a holder of a similar mark.