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The Warshaw Burstein Perspectives TM podcasts are designed to provide insight into today's critical business and legal issues.  We welcome your feedback. Our attorneys are happy to discuss the content of their podcasts in greater detail if you contact them. 

Note for listeners: These podcasts are presented as a public service by Warshaw Burstein, LLP. The content of the podcasts is general and for informational purposes only.  It will not be updated and should not be considered or relied upon as legal advice. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. © 2018
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  • Marshall Lester on Teaching International Law
    Warshaw Burstein partner Marshall Lester discusses his work as a teacher of international corporate law at programs in countries in the former Soviet Union. In this podcast he gives perspectives on the differences between American and overseas students, discusses their interest in U.S. law and offers insights into the fascinating regions in which he has taught.  Over the past five years he has taught courses at law schools in Riga, Latvia; Vilnius, Lithuania;  Kaliningrad, Russia; Yerevan, Armenia and this past year in Moscow. He is scheduled to teach in Tartu, Estonia this fall. Mr. Lester  has taught at these schools in association with the Center for International Legal Studies, www.cils.org, located in Salzburg, Austria.  player
    GUEST ATTORNEY: Marshall N. Lester